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At Dominion Lending Centres, we sort your mortgage for you - finding you the best deal from over 20+ lenders.

That's how we've officially become Canada's #1 mortgage company.

And there are no long, boring forms or painful in-person meetings. Our free service takes just 90 seconds - click the link below to sort your mortgage in seconds!

Get Your Mortgage Sorted In Just 90 Seconds With Dominion Lending

"Being self-employed as a business owner, I understand what it means to have a professional at your service. Everyone in this day and age needs someone they can trust who will take care of your needs, whether it be an automotive technician, electrician, doctor etc... I have found my team!!!"

- Mark M.

Dominion Lending - Your Ticket To A Great Mortgage Deal

Finding a great mortgage deal can be a huge hassle. Dealing with brokers, lenders, numbers - it's not easy.

That's where we come in.

Our mortgage professionals are the best in the country - we'll take all the stress and hassle away of sorting your mortgage for you.

All completely free.

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Imagine What You Could Do With A Lot Of Extra Money...

Your mortgage represents a rare opportunity to save a huge amount of money.

Just a small difference in the lender or the rate adds up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Our professionals will show you exactly how much money you stand to save.

Imagine what you could do with tens of thousands of dollars extra cash right now?

Get started below in just 90 seconds - no long boring forms required!

A Dominion Lending Mortgage Broker Is Your Pathway To Saving Thousands

Using a DLC mortgage broker can save you time, effort, and potentially a lot money.

By using a mortgage broker you get:

A Stronger Mortgage Application

A mortgage application prepared by a professional will be stronger and more likely to get you the best deal.

20+ Lenders
Access To Over 20+ Lenders

Rather than just going to your bank, you get access to over 20 lenders, almost guaranteeing that you are getting the best mortgage product.

Professional Financial Advice For Free

Advice from a mortgage professional who has a lot of experience and can figure out the right solution for you.

20+ Lenders
A Hassle Free Mortgage

Let a professional do the hard work for you - and spend your time on things you actually enjoy - who likes dealing with their mortgage?

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Not Your Average Mortgage Broker

My name is James Smythe and I am the owner of Dominion Lending Centres Central.

In the industry, I've been featured in the "I Love Mortgage Brokering" podcast as well as industry articles, and I've been a recipient of the Canadian Mortgage Profession Top 50 Brokers.

I'm proud to be highly regarded in the industry and to be able to serve my clients above and beyond.

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Hundreds Of People Like You Have Trusted This Service To Get Their Mortgage

And It Has Paid Off

"I have known James professionally now for 10 years. His dedication, attention and professionalism delivered to all my referrals has been incredible. I highly recommend James and I am open to accept a call, text or email as a reference."

Angelo D’Amico
Angelo D’Amico

"James is my "go to" person for my clients' mortgage needs. He has the experience, the reputation within the industry to get the job done for them! I have and will continue to recommend James."

Lisa McDonald
Lisa McDonald

"JD is one of the sharpest Mortgage Brokers I know. (And I know a lot of them) He has an incredible work ethic and a high degree of integrity. I would definitely recommend JD if you are looking for a Mortgage Broker."

Scott Peckford
Scott Peckford

"I have worked with James in the purchase of both my homes. Over the past 13 years he is the only person I have trusted to provide me with honest advice on decisions concerning my homes and mortgages. I have confidentially referred friends and family to James, as I know he always has his client’s best interests at heart. James has not only become a trusted advisor but a friend as well!"

Natalie Hyman
Natalie Hyman

"James and I have crossed professional paths many times over the past fives years. Every time we chat James demonstrates a level of integrity with his advice which sets him apart in the finance industry. Truly a pleasure to deal with."

Dustan Woodhouse
Dustan Woodhouse

"JD is very personable, easy to speak with and extremely knowledgeable. He takes time to explain even the smallest details so there are no questions. JD is quick to return calls, respond to emails and even texts. JD seeks out the best finance options at the best rates and ensures that monthly or biweekly payments fit within your personal budget limitations. He is both honest and transparent during every step of the process! I would highly recommend JD!"

Danni-Lynn Boyer
Danni-Lynn Boyer
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Dominion Lending - We've Got A Mortgage For That

Dominion Lending Centres We Have A Mortgage For That

For any kind of mortgage situation, Dominion Lending has you covered. Whether a first time home buyer, refinance/renewal, a pre-approval, or a reverse mortgage - we can help you save money and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no cost to use a Dominion Lending mortgage broker, except in the most extreme cases, such as if you have very poor credit or have previously been bankrupt. Otherwise, my service is entirely free for you, from start to finish. That includes putting your application together, analyzing your finances, and contacting the right lender for you from over 20 lenders.

As with any mortgage application, having the choice and flexibility that comes from being able to select from many lenders vs. just one (i.e. your bank) gives you the opportunity to save money and have a better mortgage.

Banks are a business, which means that they aren’t going to outright reward you for being a loyal customer. A mortgage broker, on the other hand, is working directly for you – they don’t have loyalty to any one lender. That means that they can shop around to over 20 lenders all at once for you and secure the best mortgage for you.

If you are buying a new home, this depends on a number of factors, including income, downpayment amount, credit score, and the property type you are looking to buy.

Mortgages are more complicated than people realize at first, which is why it is so useful to have a mortgage professional who has a lot of experience put together your mortgage application for you.

Beyond filling out the free online application, there is not much more that I need from you to begin the process. I will call, text, or email you to go over your options. We don’t even need to meet in person – everything can be done by phone or email.

Every step of the way, I’ll make sure to answer any mortgage questions you may have. You’ll soon find out what makes my mortgage brokerage stand out for its award-winning service to my clients.

You fill out a simple 90 second application here:

This lets me know exactly what you are looking for as well as a bit more information about your specific situation. That allows me to know how to serve you best.

Once you fill out a 90 second application, you will hear back from me very shortly (typically within a few hours) so we can begin the next steps of putting together your application or answering any mortgage questions you may have.