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The Homebuyer's Guide To Pre-Approvals

The Guide That Every First Time Home Buyer Should Read

This free guide will walk you through your first mortgage process, including:

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  • Why you shouldn't just go to your bank

  • How to gain access to 20+ lenders

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Not Your Average Mortgage Broker

James Smythe Mortgage Broker

My name is James Smythe and I am the owner of Dominion Lending Centres Central.

In the industry, I've been featured in the "I Love Mortgage Brokering" podcast as well as industry articles, and I've been a recipient of the Canadian Mortgage Profession Top 50 Brokers.

I'm proud to be highly regarded in the industry and to be able to serve my clients above and beyond.

I've written a number of guides to help people like yourself get the great mortgage they deserve by understanding the process and having everything they need to access great lenders and top mortgage products.

Hear From Clients I've Helped

"James gets the job done. He is easy to work with. He can solve challenging lending situations"

Murray G. Smith
Murray G. Smith

"James and I have crossed professional paths many times over the past fives years. Every time we chat James demonstrates a level of integrity with his advice which sets him apart in the finance industry. Truly a pleasure to deal with."

Dustan Woodhouse
Dustan Woodhouse

"I highly recommend James. I have known him for many years now and he has always conducted himself as a true customer focused and very valuable and resourceful professional.”

Craig Martin
Craig Martin

Discover How You Can Benefit As A First Time Home Buyer

Download the free guide now and discover everything you need to know about being a first time home buyer - so you don't miss out on savings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Mortgage brokers are independent from any bank or lender. They work directly for you throughout the whole process and provide a number of lender options (over 20 in my case). Rather than a bank, which only provides its own mortgage products, a mortgage broker provides a number of products from many lenders and banks.

Your bank representative and a mortgage broker both receive commission on the deal (from the lender – this is still free for you), so the real difference is that mortgage brokers provide the flexibility, range of options, and personal touch that a bank just can’t.

The guide, as well as any mortgage advice for first time home buyers, is and always will be completely free. It is just part of the service I provide to help people like yourself decide what is the right mortgage option for you.

The free guide is a PDF (which opens with Adobe or any PDF or e-book reader). This will be sent to your email where you can download it for reading. I will also continue to send you more free tips and advice regarding reverse mortgages to help you learn more about this unique product and how it can help you.

This depends on a number of factors, including income, downpayment amount, credit score, and the property type you are looking to buy.

Mortgages are more complicated than people realize at first, which is why it is so useful to have a mortgage professional who has a lot of experience put together your mortgage application for you. You can find out more in the free guide!

While it isn’t necessary, it is strongly recommended as it gives you a solid idea of how much you can afford, which makes it easier to choose the homes you are looking at. A pre-approval also makes your offer on the home you choose to be more attractive to sellers as you are highly likely to then not have any issues with getting financing.

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