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My goal:

To provide everyone with up-to-date and top-quality information about mortgages. So you can be 100% confident you are getting the best mortgage for you.

I've published a number of guides to help you learn the ins and outs of mortgages, and I've tried to do so in the most straightforward way possible, in the simplest language possible, free of industry jargon, so you don't have to be in finance to understand when you have gotten a great mortgage.

I've worked hard to build a great reputation in the mortgage industry, both with my peers but especially with my clients. My mission is always to go above and beyond, which is why I stand by my "Not Your Average Mortgage Broker" brand

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-James Smythe

Owner of Dominion Lending Centres Central

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"I have known James professionally now for 10 years. His dedication, attention and professionalism delivered to all my referrals has been incredible. I highly recommend James and I am open to accept a call, text or email as a reference."

Angelo D’Amico
Angelo D’Amico

"James is my "go to" person for my clients' mortgage needs. He has the experience, the reputation within the industry to get the job done for them! I have and will continue to recommend James."

Lisa McDonald
Lisa McDonald

"JD is one of the sharpest Mortgage Brokers I know. (And I know a lot of them) He has an incredible work ethic and a high degree of integrity. I would definitely recommend JD if you are looking for a Mortgage Broker."

Scott Peckford
Scott Peckford

"I have worked with James in the purchase of both my homes. Over the past 13 years he is the only person I have trusted to provide me with honest advice on decisions concerning my homes and mortgages. I have confidentially referred friends and family to James, as I know he always has his client’s best interests at heart. James has not only become a trusted advisor but a friend as well!"

Natalie Hyman
Natalie Hyman

"James and I have crossed professional paths many times over the past fives years. Every time we chat James demonstrates a level of integrity with his advice which sets him apart in the finance industry. Truly a pleasure to deal with."

Dustan Woodhouse
Dustan Woodhouse

"JD is very personable, easy to speak with and extremely knowledgeable. He takes time to explain even the smallest details so there are no questions. JD is quick to return calls, respond to emails and even texts. JD seeks out the best finance options at the best rates and ensures that monthly or biweekly payments fit within your personal budget limitations. He is both honest and transparent during every step of the process! I would highly recommend JD!"

Danni-Lynn Boyer
Danni-Lynn Boyer

Not Your Average Mortgage Broker

James Smythe Mortgage Broker

My name is James Smythe and I am a reverse mortgage specialist.

However, I work with my clients to find the right solution for them - whether that is a reverse mortgage, or another mortgage solution. My goal is to find the solution that is the best fit for you!

I'm proud to be highly regarded in the industry and to be able to serve my clients above and beyond.

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